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The Stay Safe Stay Back Campaign was launched by Share the Road in 2013 through a partnership with the Canadian Automobile Association and partners in the municipal sector and the heavy trucking industry.  The campaign aims to educate cyclists about key issues relating to heavy truck safety, including staying out of a truck’s blind spot, especially at intersections. In addition, the campaign serves as a reminder to drivers to be extra vigilant around vulnerable road users, emphasizing the importance of keeping cyclists safe and in sight when arriving at an intersection. 

In 2015, through a partnership with Safer Roads Ottawa, Share the Road launched the Stay Safe Stay Back campaign in both official languages,creating a program that can be used to improve road safety all over Canada.

The No-Go-Zone is the large blind spot around trucks.  Truck drivers are unable to see or know if someone on foot, on a bicycle or even in a small car are there. Know where the No-Go-Zone is, and always steer clear!

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